Tuesday January 21, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

What Law Was Broken?

Impeachment still doesn’t show what law was broken Click Here for Story

MSM Smearing 2nd Amendment Supporters

No, we are not all rednecks or white supremacists no matter what the mainstream media tries to lie about Click Here for Details

State Worker Salaries Stagnate Due to Skyrocketing Cost Of Benefits 

Costs $122,959 to employ a state worker; $54,845 of that is benefits

Sheriffs Upholding the Constitution

Bill of Rights can’t be upended by State legislatures Click Here for Story

Road Debt Gives Michigan Little Other Than Interest Payments

Taking on more debt isn’t the answer to fund road repairs

Taking Away Your Rights?

Democrats look to reduce or remove your 2nd Amendment Click Here for Details

Deep State Globalism

The 'Iranian Missile Attacks' Were A Deep State Operation Aided By Western Corrupt Media¬†Connected in ways you can’t imagine Click Here for Details

Drone Swarms

Are Nuclear sites being targeted? Click Here for Story

Teach Children Don’t Brainwash Them

Our future freedom depends on it Click Here for Details

The 2nd Amendment Protects All Your Rights

All the Amendments are protected by the 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story


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