Tuesday July 22, 2014

Texas Stands Up

  Texas Governor Perry has had enough of Obama’s Folly and is sending National guard troops to the border to stop illegal immigrant invasion Click Here for Details

Can You Help?

Police looking for Driver who struck and killed man on M-14 Click Here for Story

State Budget Has Increased Almost $5 Billion the Past Three Years

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The state will spend about $4.7 billion more than it did in 2011-12, according to the Senate Fiscal Agency. An increase in federal money accounts for $2 billion of that $4.7 billion increase over the past three years. … more

Sentencing Reforms Could Save Tax Dollars

Council of State Governments issues recommendations

By Josiah Kollmeyer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

All criminal justice systems face competing tensions of protecting public safety while not overburdening taxpayers, and Michigan’s is no exception. … more

Ahh Those Russian Lies

  Tell enough lies and …..Click Here for Story

Don’t Forget the IRS Story

With all of Obama’s disasters its easy to forget the scandals now the IRS says it may still be able to get Lois Lerner emails? Click Here for Details

Way Off Base

Barack Obama Republicans GOP unemployment government regulation  White House claims record increase in those not participating in work force is aging not chronic unemployment Click Here for Story

Fury Against Pro Russian Rebels

Image: An armed pro-Russian separatist  Access to crash site blocked by Russian backed Ukrainian rebels who shot down civilian airliner Click Here for Details

Moon Beam for President?

With Dems looking for Hillary alternative Crazy Governor Jerry Brown might consider a run? Click Here for Story

The New Holocaust

  Flee the Middle East or die is the only choice for Christians Click Here for Video

Too Scared to Go It Alone?

  Secretary Kerry urges Europe to get behind the US  on dealing with Russia Click Here for Details

Eating Those Words?

Obama chiding Romney about the 80’s Foreign policy is ironic Click Here for Story and Video

Border Children?

18th-Street-Gang,-Izalco-Prison,-El-Salvador.6   These gang members at processing centers are anything but children Click Here for Details


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