Tuesday June 19, 2018

Get It Done

Congress has deadline to approve Trump cuts Click Here for Details

Ring of Fire?

6.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Japan; hundreds injured Another major earthquake in Japan Click Here for Story

Don’t Believe It

DHS says children are being taken care of Click Here for Details

Bill Schuette Talks State Government

 Michigan Capitol Confidential sat down and talked about the state government with gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette. … more

Is One Subsidy Really Any Better?

 In energy policy, you’re often asked to choose between a few bad options. If you address one problem, you can end up promoting something that’s at least as bad.  … more

Not on My Watch

POTUS pledges to not let the US become like Germany Click Here for Story

Pathetic Former FLOTUS

Image result for laura bush Laura Bush shows her hypocrisy in a never Trump rant over illegal children issue that her husband could have solved Click Here for Story


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