Tuesday March 26, 2013

Don’t forget to listen to this week’s  The Drift Radio Show March 23, 2013

Join host Gary Wellings as we discussed 10 year union contracts being used to skirt the new Right to Work laws with Washtenaw County Commissioner Dan Smith and Michigan Healthcare Exchange with guest caller Dr. Rob Steele Click Here for Podcast

A2 Signs Union Deal Just Before Right to Work

Saving union dues for the union or just another typical union contract? Click Here for Details

More Jobs for Genoa Twp?

Auto supplier taking hard look at Genoa township location Click Here for Story

EAA Bill Has Problems

But Grand Rapids carve-out not one of them

By Audrey Spalding |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

In addition to the EAA, education reformers could also work to eliminate Michigan’s prohibition on helping send students to private schools. It is a tragedy that students remain in failing public schools, while there are private schools that could serve their educational needs. … more

Union Rushes Contract To Avoid Right-to-Work; ‘Put This Whole Nightmare Behind Us!’

Dearborn Public Schools voting on contract days before law kicks in

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

The teachers’ union for Dearborn Public Schools has negotiated an early contract with the district that institutes a pay freeze for five years but forces the employees to continue paying money to the union. And the union president said that one of the benefits of the contract is avoiding the state’s right-to-work law. … more

Time to Cut Off Karzai?

Why are we giving money to a finger pointing crook like Hamid Karzai? Click Here for Story

Against the Wall?

Dem Senate Leader Reid will get more than he bargained for if he tries gun control in Senate? Click Here for Details

More Rich Liberals Look to Buy(or sell?) Votes

Facebook’s Zuckerberg looks to be a Bloomberg? Click Here for Story

Bureaucrats Get Rich

Fat Salaries for Liberal civil servants Click Here for Details

Whats Up With Those DHS Armored Vehicles?

Hundreds of DHS armored personnel carriers on the move Click Here for Story

No Sequester for Obama Family Vacation

Atlantis vacation for Obama Family despite budget cuts Click Here for Details


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