Tuesday May 1, 2018

Moscow Mueller

Alan Dershowitz screenshotAlan Dershowitz says the Special Counsel is determined to trip up POTUS to manufacture collusion? Click Here for Story

Free-Range Michigan?

 The state of Utah became the first in the nation to pass a “free-range kids” law.  … more


Detroit School Superintendent Mistaken On District’s Pre-Charter Competition Greatness

 Detroit Public Schools Community District Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said “once upon a time” his district was among the best in the country. But he offered no evidence to support that claim. … more

Mueller’s Leaky Ship

Once again Mueller probe is leaking info to the press Click Here for Story

Tariff Delays

Trump Admin delays imposing tariffs on allies Click Here for Details

Iran Deal Built on Lies

PM Netanyahu says he has proof of the lies from Iran that got them the Obama Iran deal ?Click Here for Story

Millennials Learning the Truth?

New poll shows millennials are getting tired of the Democrats Click Here for Story


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