Tuesday November 19, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Shameful Biden

Navy SEAL slams Joe Biden Click Here for Details

Schools With Many Poor Families Get More Per Kid In Michigan, Not Less

Activist calling for illegal teacher strikes still makes claim

Haley Blisters the Media

Calling out the MSM for their obvious bias Click Here for Details

Good Fed Meeting?

POTUS says he had a cordial meeting with Fed Reserve Chair Click Here for Story

Why Bother?

President open to testifying to Congress? Click Here for Details

Democrats Love Open Orders

(Screen Capture) Pelosi refusing to fund border wall to keep Americans safe Click Here for Story

Schiff and Politico Colluded

Lawsuit showing Rep Schiff conspired with media to further impeachment scam Click Here for Story

Mass Immigration Doesn’t Work

 Swedes suffer warfare from immigrants Click Here for Details

Another Democrat Hypocrite

ark Kelly said he wouldn’t accept PAC funds but guess what? Click Here for Details

China Using Phone App to Spy?

Is Tik Tok being used against Americans? Click Here for Story

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