Tuesday November 27, 2018

It Was Fine When Barack Did It?

Obama used tear gas on migrants 5 years ago Click Here for Story

Border Arrests

Some stopped some got through Click Here for Story and Video

No More Compelled Dues, Strident Politics, A 22 Percent Union Decline

Michigan branch of teachers union sports a progressive politics Facebook page

School Districts Exaggerate the Harms of Losing Students to Choice

Freedom, flexibility needed more than extra funds Click Here for

Where is the Outrage?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likens migrants applying for refugee status to Jews fleeing HolocaustOcasio-Cortez compares caravan illegals to Jews fleeing the Holocaust? Click Here for Story

Corsi Says No

Jerome Corsi under investigation by the Mueller scam says no to taking a plea deal Click Here for Story and Video

Trump Tough

President threatens to close border permanently if illegal caravans continue Click Here for Details

Yes Start Over?

Brexit deal so bad maybe it should go back to square one? Click Here for Story



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