Tuesday October 29, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Dumbest Thought Ever?

Susan Rice thinks POTUS should have talked to Obama before giving orders to go after Al-Baghdadi? Click Here for Details

Federal Appeals Court Doesn’t Buy U-M’s Story On Speech-Chilling Bias Response Team 

Orders district court to reconsider the operation’s ‘implicit threat of consequence’

The Capitol Is Out of Touch

Washington DC area and its inhabitants are more out of touch with Main St America than we thought? Click Here for Details

The Dem Impeachment Circus

More threats from Democrats to try and hurt POTUS Click Here for Details

California Burning

On such a windy day….Click Here for Story and Video

Born Again?

Has the President been more of a Christian than people thought? Click Here for Story

More Dem Hypocrisy and Lies

Their start witness for Ukraine allegations has some disturbing Ukrainian ties Click Here for Details

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