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Syrian Withdrawal

Understanding the US, Kurdish and Turkey relationship Click Here for Details


Image result for gretchen whitmerMichigan Governor Whitmer strip out pro-life funding from state budget Click Here for Story

Since Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal, Deaths Up, Injuries Down

Worst fears of repeal opponents appear unrealized

Raising Intolerance?

Image result for maga hat 25% of college students want to ban MAGA hats Click Here for Details

Leaving Syria Doesn’t Mean abandoning Kurds?

POTUS warns Turkey Click Here for Story

Trump Tax Returns to be Revealed?

Judge tosses attempt to keep POTUS tax returns from being seen Click Here for Details

Omar Files Divorce

Image result for ilhan omar and husband  After months of rumors Congresswoman Omar will be getting divorced Click Here for Story

What Are the Dems Hiding

Moving impeachment to Intel Committee to keep info secret? Click Here for Details

Obama Booby Traps?

Did Obama lay traps for Romney that are not being used against Trump ? Click Here for Story


Liberals and media attacks on the second amendment are causing increases in gun sales Click Here for Details

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