Wednesday Decembe 11, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Tip of the Iceberg

What Are students being taught? Education Dept finds foreign funding of Universities being hidden Click Here for Story

Dirty Peters?

Image result for gary peters senator   Complaint against Senator Peters about dark money funding? Click Here for Details

Will The Senate Expose the Corruption?

Senator Cruz says the Senate will expose the corruption ties in Senate impeachment trial Click Here for Story

Democrats Push Ahead with Impeachment

Read the articles they will use to attempt their coup Click Here for Details

Read the Full IG Report

Educate yourself and read without the liberal media spin Click Here for Story


Speaker Pelosi finally agrees to proceed with USMCA trade deal Click Here for Details

17 Omissions and Errors of the FBI

Short take on how bad the FBI was in starting the Russian collusion investigative hoax Click Here for Story

Schiff Admits Its All Political

Alex Wong/Getty ImagesNeed to impeach to stop Americans from Re-Electing Trump Click Here for Details

Senate Could Get Bi-Partisan?

Up to 3 Senate Democrats might side with Trump and Republicans on impeachment Click Here for Story





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