Wednesday April 29, 2015

Stranger Alert

Northfield_Township_badge.jpg  Two suspicious men approach boy in Whitmore Lake Click Here for Details

Bills Put Obsolete Laws on the Chopping Block

There’s a package of bills that would put obsolete and largely unenforced statutes out to pasture. … more

Fix Disparities in Public University Funding in Michigan

The University of Michigan gets nearly 75 percent more money per student from the State of Michigan than Michigan State University. The state needs to fix the funding gap between public universities. … more

This Must Stop

Birth Tourism has foreign nationals coming here to give birth and gain citizenship Click Here for Story and Video

Helping Baltimore Police

Image source: Twitter  One man tried to defend police from protesters Click Here for Details


  Obama finally talks about Baltimore riots Click Here for Story

Pushing Buttons

Image result for maersk tigris  Iran fires at and boards Cargo Ship Click Here for Details

 Professional Rioters?

BaltimoreFirefighters1.jpg  Social Media data appears to show same people instigating Ferguson and Baltimore? Click Here for Details

Space Station Supply Miss

Supply rocket spinning out of control Click Here for Story

People or Judges

Supreme Court justices Who should decide fate of gay marriage? Click Here for Details

The Ultimate Outrage!

vlcsnap_2013_09_04_21h22m04s102  CNN Anchor tries to blame Baltimore Riots on US Veterans? Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Ignores Russian Treaty Violation

Vladimir Putin   He gave them an inch now they’re taking a mile Click Here for Details

Control Your Kids

Parents need to stop children from participating in violence and riots Click Here for Story

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