Wednesday August 17, 2016

Voter Registration Looking Red

Today, four years after Obama won Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania by over 618,000 votes, the number of registered Democrats in these states has plummeted by more than 775,000. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky) Battleground states find new registered voters are going GOP Click Here for Story

Biden’s Ignorance

  Says Trump shouldn’t have nuclear codes then outs his aide with the nuclear codes that’s with him Click Here for Details and Video

Township Denies It Had Landfill Documents, County Records Say Otherwise

  A resident of a township in southeastern Michigan thinks she was wrongly denied a request for township documents related to a proposed landfill expansion. … more

Bucking the Clinton News Network

TheBlaze TV's Buck Sexton battles a CNN panel over Hillary Clinton's email scandal. (CNN screengrab) Buck Sexton takes on the biased CNN roundtable Click Here for Story

Michigan Adequacy Study Shows the State Already Spends Plenty on Education

  For advocates of spending more on schools, reading the adequacy study report must have been like waiting until spring break to open a shiny Christmas package, only to find a large number of loose pieces and a thick pack of assembly instructions.  … more

Turkey Losing Civilization

Turkish court tosses out law that forbade sex with minor children Click Here for Details

Criminal Ring in South Lyon Busted

Two arrested for vehicle break ins Click Here for Story

Dirty Dem?

Democratic Attorney General resigns after being convicted of….. Click Here for Details and Video

Dumping Debt

Global banks dumping US debt Click Here for Story

Soros Funding Violence

george soros$650,000 donation to Black Lives Matter Click Here for Details

Russia Bombing ISIS

A Tupolev Tu-22 M3 strategic bomber of the Russian Aerospace Force © Ministry of defence of the Russian FederationFrom Iranian airfields Click Here for Story

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