Wednesday August 22, 2018

Manafort Guilty on 8 of 18 charges

Mistrial declared for other charges Click Here for Story

Later High School Start Times Should Stay Local Decision

Change by Berkley district cites academic benefit

New PC Outrage

New safe sex guide says medical term ‘vagina’ could trigger trans people, replaces with ‘front hole’Ridiculous attempt to rename the medical term Vagina Click Here for Story

Manafort Conviction Was Not About Collusion

Tax convictions have nothing to do with Russian collusion Click Here for Details

Muslim Rally At Viking Stadium

Will animals be sacrificed? Click Here for Story

No Obstruction

Trump Team gives unfettered access how is this obstruction? Click Here for Details

Kavanaugh Proceeding

Will Jude Kavanaugh be a SCOTUS Justice by October? Click Here for Story and Video

Why Isn’t The DOJ Accountable

More suits against Dept of Justice because they won’t turnover documents Click Here for Details

Ahhh Those Russians

Judge Scandal bares all Click Here for Story

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