Wednesday August 26, 2015

Breaking NEWS:  Weapons Were Being Run from Libya to Syria

Documents reveal the lies of the Obama Admin and Hillary’s State Dept Click Here for Story and Video

Michigan GOP Conference

September schedule for some GOP candidates to visit Michigan Click Here for Details

While Schools Ignore Merit Pay Law, State Has No Authority to Enforce It

Many public school districts have refused to reward its best teachers with “merit pay” in the five years since a state law was passed mandating the practice. That’s in part because the Michigan Department of Education doesn’t track whether the practice is followed and has no authority to enforce the law. … more

Protecting Detroit School Choice is Critical

Some people have floated all-encompassing proposals that would dramatically change the operations of both Detroit Public Schools and Detroit-area public charter schools. To make sure the solution fits the problem at hand, it is necessary to consider the financial and academic issues facing DPS separately. … more

China’s Stock Fail is Government’s Fault

China has  a centrally planned economy its not capitalism’s fault Click Here for Story

The Truth About Black Lives Matter

Woman in Viral Black Lives Matter Video Is Asked What She’d Say to Critics. She Answers in Two Words       Grandmother slams the Black Lives Matter group’s hypocrisy Click Here for Details

Bad Nancy

Nancy Pelosi shoveling manure to get Iran nuke deal passed Click Here for Details

More Disturbing Video

Planned Parenthood selling baby heads? Click Here for Story and Video

 Closing the Border

  And throwing out illegal aliens …in Venezuela Click Here for Details

 Idiot Pollsters?

Luntz818  Pollster can’t understand why people like Trump Click Here for Story

Let Us Eat Cake?

Marc Lasry / AP Out of touch, rich hedge fund managers give to Hillary and Jeb while saying the economy is fine Click Here for Details

Take That Jorge

D  Open Border Activist (ie Univision Reporter) Jorge Ramos gets booted from Trump Press Conference Click Here for Story and Video

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