Wednesday August 29, 2018

YES, You Are Being Suppressed and Manipulated

Image result for google Google and other sites are giving preference to liberal site on search engines Click Here for Details

CNN Proves It IS Fake News

Lanny Davis admission of lie shows CNN is THE Fake News provider Click Here for Story and Video

Lying Bernstein

CNN not retracting fake news to cover for Carl Bernstein? Click Here for Details

U-M Research Guide Leans Left On ‘Fake News’ And Media Bias

Watching academia’s taxpayer-funded media watchers

Enforcing Janus Rights for Public Workers

U.S. Supreme Court decision no longer makes union fees a condition of employment

Blue Wave Subsiding

MT-Sen: New poll shows surprising turn in Montana Senate race and the ‘blue wave’New polling in Montana shows less support for Dems Click Here for Details

Grill Him

Bruce Ohr to be questioned in closed hearing Click Here for Story

DNC Plans for 2019

  Nothing but investigating Trump Click Here for Story

 Germany Waking Up?

Riot police cross the street as a city festival was cancelled on August 26, 2018 in Chemnitz, eastern Germany, after a 35-year-old German national died in hospital following a 'dispute between several people of different nationalities', according to the police. - The far-right street movement PEGIDA on August 27, 2018 …German citizens riot after stabbing by migrant Click Here for Details


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