Wednesday December 12, 2018

Dems Won’t Protect America

POTUS meets Pelosi, Schumer in Oval Office and Dems won’t fund border wall Click Here for Details

No Collusion Possible

Bush Era Lawyer says the Trump campaign was incapable of colluding with Russia Click Here for Details


Ann Arbor water contamination spikes Click Here for Story

Bill Would Authorize Payroll Withholding For Lottery Tickets

For every $1 dollar spent on the lottery, players lose 40 cents on average

Even Amended, Michigan’s Paid Sick Leave Would Cost Employers $1.1 Billion

But original proposal was much worse

Comey’s Lack of Transparency in One Tweet

Former FBI Director is hiding a lot of information Click Here for Story

Build That WALL!

Would Trump use military to build the wall? Click Here for Story

Russia At the Door?

  Russian bombers return to Venezuela Click Here for Details

Google IS Biased

Google CEO Sundar PichaiGoogle CEO can’t explain the systems obvious anti Trump and anti-Conservative bias? Click Here for Story




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