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Image result for pelosi  Democrats prepare to undermine Trump Presidency again after a 2020 win Click Here for Details

No Recession Coming

Economy is doing well under the Trump Administration Click Here for Details

No Global Warming in the UP

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula already closing in on 10 ft of snow? Click Here for Story

Joe Biden Sides with Foreign Workers

Image result for joe biden confused  Promises lots of foreign workers instead of Americans for big corporations Click Here for Details

Large Hospitals Want State Monopoly On New Cancer Treatment

And a state commission will give it to them unless legislature acts

Why Slotkin Must Go

Image result for elissa slotkin  Michigan Congresswoman will vote yes on the impeachment Click Here for Story and Video

Giving Illegals Licenses

New York now giving illegals valid driver’s licenses and next they’ll be voting Click Here for Story

Democrats Deserve Nothing

Image result for chuck schumer nancy pelosi The impeachment sham from the House Democrats deserves no help in the Senate Click Here for Story

Chilies Are Healthy

Eat chili peppers and you could reduce your risk of dying, according to a new study. Eating spicy veg can cut heart risks? Click Here for Details

No Support for Impeachment

pro-trump supporters with signs on the streets of virginaAmerican public is waking up to the scam of impeachment Click Here for Details

What Will North Korea Do?

Marking the eighth anniversary of the death of his father Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un visits his mausoleum in Pyongyang on Tuesday. (Photo: Uriminzokkiri)  Will negotiations improve or will N Korea resume missile testing Click Here for Story

Dems Losing the Battle

The battle for impeachment is only hurting the Democrats not the President Click Here for Details

Bad Ally

Erdogan Tells Russian State Press He May Close Incirlik Air Base, A NATO Stronghold 

Turkey threatens to shut down US/NATO Air base? Click Here for Story

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