Wednesday January 23, 2019

SCOTUS Clears Transgender Ban?

Administration can enforce the military’s transgender ban Click Here for Story

Google Auto Jobs

Google brings autonomous jobs to Michigan Click Here for Details

Spending Interests Wrong: Schools in Low-Income Areas Get More, Not Less

Media keeps repeating advocates’ misrepresentations

How Right-to-Work Affected Michigan’s State Employee Unions

See the status of five of the state’s top unions

Taxpayer Abuse

New info on how Speaker Pelosi abuses tax payer funds Click Here for Details

Stupidity Keeps On Coming

Ocasio-Cortez predicts end of world in 12 years? Click Here for Story

Abortion Factory

Planned Parenthood reports 332,757 abortion in 2017 Click Here for Details

Left is Out of Control

Continues hate against students despite story being proven fake Click Here for Details

Real Russian Collusion?

Yep… Obama  Click Here for Story


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