Wednesday July 15, 2015

Breaking News: Sorry Jeb

Trump surpasses Bush in latest polls Click Here for Story

Taxes in the Offing for Road Revenue

Michigan House Speaker says he’s open to taxing you more to fix the roads Click Here for Details

Frustrated With Public School, Parents of Special Needs Student Find Help at Private School

Parents of a special needs child weren’t happy with the public school their daugher was enrolled. So they moved their child to a parochial school that contracts with a private entity and are now happy. … more

Economic Protectionism and Consumer Safety

In Tennessee, if someone wanted to sell caskets they had to be a licensed funeral director that required intensive training or apprenticeship, the payment of large fees, and passing a state board exam. The courts disagreed. … more

For Better or Worse…

  Iran Nuke Deal reached…how did we screw ourselves this time? Click Here for Story

Blunt Bibi

ISraaeli PM Netanyahu comments on Iran nuke deal Click Here for Details and Video

Senator Menendez:  Iran Deal Ensures Nuclear Capability

  Democratic Senator dumps on Obama’s giveaways to Iran Click Here for Story

Abortion Market

Planned Parenthood selling organs and body parts from aborted babies? Click Here for Details

No Coverage on Obama Suburb Diversity Plans

Networks say “Pay no attention to that President shredding the Constitution” Click Here for Details

Nuke Deal Doesn’t Mean Peace on Iran’s Part

Ayahtollah calls Americans terrorists as deal is reached Click Here for Story

Dictator in Chief Threatens Congress

  Obama says he will veto any Congressional legislation that stops Iran Deal Click Here for Details

California is Stupid

  El Chapo got a California Driver’s License while he was wanted by the US Click Here for Story

Teachers Not Happy About Hillary Endorsement

Will teachers revolt from union position on supporting Hillary Clinton Click Here for Details


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