Wednesday July 29, 2015

Breaking: Fox News Changes Debate Rules

New change means all 16 GOP candidates should make the cut for first debate Click Here for Details

Paid Leave Mandate Raises Stakes in ‘Punitive’ Move Against Employers

The same group that was behind a 2014 ballot measure to increase the state’s minimum wage is now pursuing a voter-initiated law mandating that all Michigan employers provide paid sick leave. … more

Excess of Laws Entangle Law-respecting People

In Michigan, a lot of things will get you into trouble with the law, such as expanding a parking lot into an area the state deems a wetland or drinking alcohol and being under the age of 21. People in Michigan have been prosecuted for such offenses. … more

The Obama Economy

Home ownership hits new low Click Here for Details

Kerry on the Hot Seat

YouTube screengrab   Is he a law breaker like Obama? Click Here for Details and Video

Dems Want to End Fast Food?

Support of $15 minimum wage will ensure the demise of fast food restaurants Click Here for Story

More Planned Parenthood Video

It just gets worse Click Here for Details

Climate Fraud

More revelations about fraudulently tampering with climate data Click Here for Story

You Can Stay?

   Judge orders release of illegal alien mom’s and their children Click Here for Details

NOT Conservative

GOP Senate leaders push through Planned Parenthood funding Click Here for Story



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