Wednesday July 3, 2019 The Daily Drift

Race Baiter

Rep Frederica Wilson jumps the shark on race baiting Click Here for Story

State Rep’s Bill Would Ban ‘Viewpoint Discrimination’ By Facebook, Google 

‘Social media networks are the new public square’

Another Teachers Union Official Makes Questionable Pay Claims

He got $80,273 in his last year as a River Rouge teacher

Census Failure

Trump Admin gives up on easily Constitutionally defended question on the census Click Here for Details

Democrats Won’t Defend the Border

Huge issue for 2020 Click Here for Story

Hiding Patriotism

MSNBC won’t air the Washington DC Independence Day celebration Click Here for Details

AOC is Lying?

DHS commissioner fires back at Rep Ocasio-Cortez’s allegations Click Here for Story

Iranian Threats

More bluster from Iran? Click Here for Details

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