Wednesday July 31, 2019 The Daily Drift

Crazy Debate

What a show at the DNC debate Click Here for Story

Democrat Party Woes

Resignations at DCCC amongst infighting Click Here for Details

Yes Its A Crisis

Over 800 illegals caught by border patrol going to hospital daily Click Here for Story

PFAS in Dairy?

Is Michigan ignoring a potentially huge problem? Click Here for Details

Union Proposes Trimming Retiree Health Benefits to Save Money

Michigan Education Association asking its retirees to pay more and get less

City Officials Threaten Criminal Charges Against Developers In Land Dispute

‘They’re trying to hold us hostage,’ says one

Once a Jihadist Always a Jihadist

Rep Ilhan Omar praises violence against a US Senator Click Here for Story

GOP Retirement Issue

Could retirement jeopardize a House retake? Click Here for Details

Watch The Dems Go Left

Debates might shove the Democrats even farther into socialism Click Here for Story

Carson’s List

HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s advice to avoid poverty Click Here for Details

Can’t Hide the Truth

Rat runs through live tv broadcast in Baltimore Click Here for Story


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