Wednesday July 8, 2015

Breaking: Chinese Stock Market Plunges

Image result for chinese stock market drop  Bad stock news could affect the world Click Here for Story and Video

Party Poopers or Genuine Concern?

Ann Arbor city officials question Slide the City event Click Here for Details

Ridiculous Government

Michigan Woman arrested for not renewing dog license? Click Here for Story

July 2 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

MichiganVotes examines three bills related to road funding. … more

State Income Tax Also Serves as Stealth Welfare Program

Many Michigan residents are aware the state’s food stamp program offers billions in assistance to lower income families. But few are aware that the state income tax also practices wealth redistribution. … more

Looking for an Outsider…Even if Socialist

Bernie Sanders has appeal for some Click Here for Details

GOP Debates

Will the establishment keep out the best contenders? Click Here for Story

Shirker in Chief

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in the Rose Garden of the White House. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais/file photo)   Obama won’t take responsibility for deaths of citizens by illegals Click Here for Details

Pay By the Mile

Oregon decides to tax people by the mile for road usage Click Here for Story

Hispanic Soft Jihad?

AFP/Jim Watson Univision Network support unlimited immigration into the US Click Here for Details

Snowden Homecoming?

Is DOJ contemplating a deal to bring Snowden in? Click Here for Story

Go Figure

Man working hard Government workers absent more than Private Sector workers Click Here for Details




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