Wednesday June 18, 2014

Murder in Whitmore Lake?

23 year old found dead in apartment Click Here for Details

State Budget Shifts Extra Revenue Sharing Funds To Detroit

Detroit to receive $140.5 million; Grand Rapids and Flint to get $12 million combined

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Fresh off the Michigan Legislature approving a $195 million bailout for Detroit, some elected state officials and the governor are looking to favor the city again, but this time with the statutory revenue sharing. … more

Legislators Should Look To Oklahoma To Address Pension Change ‘Transition Costs’

By James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The unfunded liabilities for Michigan’s school pension fund increased to $25.8 billion this year. Legislators may feel that there is nothing to be done to prevent these liabilities from racking up, but they’re wrong. And Oklahoma provides an example. … more


Photo - The Consumer Price Index rose to 2.1 percent for the year ending in May, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. (Thinkstock)   Inflation surged in May Click Here for Details

Obama Official Supporting Return of Capliphate?

   Senior advisor to the Dpet of Homeland Security’s tweet reasing eyebrows Click Here for Story

Iraq Problems Mean Trouble at Home

   Congressman Mike Rogers says jihadists could make it to US Click Here for Details

Reversal? Obama Send Troops to Iraq

Marines head to Baghdad Click Here for Story

Full Blown Cover UP?

  IRS loses more emails from those involved in IRS targeting of conservative groups Click Here for Details

Meat, Fish, Eggs and Poultry Soar

   Record high prices for protein Click Here for Story

Mass Immigration Bad for Population

More people less jobs, housing and food  according to report Click Here for Details

ISIS Animals

Mistreatment of captive Iraqi soldiers. Screenshot from the alleged ISIS video   Jihadists in Iraq show few human traits as they execute and torture prisoners Click Here for Story


US covertly using Ft Bliss hanger for illegal aliens Click Here for Details


US raid captures alleged Benghazi terrorist Click Here for Story

 No Keystone? Send it to Asia

Canada approves new pipeline to Pacific Click Here for Details


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