Wednesday March 14, 2018

Pennsylvania Election

And the Winner is….. Click Here for Results

Bye Bye Rex

Rex TillersonRex Tillerson out at State Department Click Here for Story

Teacher Pay in Michigan

Where are the highest paid teachers in Michigan? Click Here for Details

Property Tax Revenue On a Slow Rise

 The largest source of revenue for local governments is property taxes. They raised $14.0 billion for the state, schools, community colleges and local governments in 2017, a 2.42 percent increase from the previous year.  … more

Solar Storm?

Coronal Mass Ejection heading to Earth on Wednesday? Click Here for Story

Union Official Says Teachers In Second-Highest Paying District Need Second Jobs

The teachers union president at the Michigan school district with the state’s second-highest paid teachers says many of those teachers must work second jobs to “make ends meet.” … more

Border Wall Will Pay for Itself

Study: Trump’s border wall will pay for itself through billions saved on illegal immigrant welfare A new study says savings on illegal welfare will pay for the cost of the wall Click Here for Details

Kudlow In at the Trump Admin?

White House Economic Council could be led by Larry Kudlow Click Here for Story and video

Moving Forward on Peace in the Middle East?

Israel meets with Arab states Click Here for Details

Globalism vs Nationalism

Who holds the future? Click Here for Story

Trump and Tillerson

Just not on the same page Click Here for Details

1st Woman to Run the CIA?

POTUS nominates Gina Haspel, the first woman to run the Central Intelligence Agency Click Here for Story

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