Wednesday March 6, 2019

Democrats Look to Protect Themselves

Image result for nancy pelosi House vote won’t get a shot in the Senate Click Here for Story

More Taxes Michigan

You vote Democrat this is what you get Click Here for Story

Failed Company Skipped On $2.1 Million State Loan, Wants More

Michigan corporate subsidy officials support extended benefits for firm’s successor

State Licensing Didn’t Stop Funeral Home Horror Shows

Policymakers should review areas where licenses are required

Vaccinations and Autism

Major new study shows no link between autism and vaccinations of children Click Here for Story

Torn Between Two Others

Senate Majority Leader has to be on both sides of the National Emergency Border debate Click Here for Details

100,000 in March?

Border about to be rushed this month by illegals? Click Here for Story

Dynamite Jerry

Image result for jerrold nadler Rep Nadler’s rush to investigate Trump is an explosive fishing expedition Click Here for Details


The Islamization of London continues Click Here for Story

You CAN’T Keep Your Healthcare Plan

Hundreds of Democrats want to take away your private health insurance plans Click Here for Details

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