Wednesday May 1, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com


Image result for joe biden  Biden’s tough on drug stance didn’t apply to his children? Click Here for Story

No New Permanent Jobs From State Corporate Subsidy

Nexthermal gets $50k from taxpayers, repays $30k, creates no new permanent jobs

Ugh, Not Good News Netflix

Image result for netflix  Youth suicides increase after Netlix debuts show about youth suicide? Click Here for Details

Will Dems Finally Do Something?

Pelosi and Schumer agree with POTUS on infrastructure bill? Click Here for Details

Venezuela Chaos

Image result for guaido Can Guaido take control from Maduro? Click Here for Story

POTUS Fights Back

Image result for donald trump  Congressional subpoenas are merely harassment of the President Click Here for Details


Leftists, MSM and Democrats are turning into complete haters of Christianity Click Here for Story


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