Wednesday May 2, 2018

Zuckerberg In Trouble in UK?

Will subpoena be issued for Zuckerberg in Great Britain? Click Here for Story

99 Teachers In This District Do Union Work on Taxpayers’ Dime — 1 of every 15

  As a Utica Community Schools employee, Eliza Parkinson has a base salary of $107,402 in 2017-18. Most of the time, though, she operates as a “ghost teacher” — someone who is paid to educate students but in reality spends the work day on union business. … more


Net Metering Decision Raises Hackles of Solar Supporters

 An April 18, 2018 ruling by the Michigan Public Service Commission – the state government body that oversees Michigan’s electricity and telecommunications services – is adding to tensions in the debate over rates for net metering.  … more

Out of Touch

New York Times celebrates communism and Karl Marx Click Here for Story

Happy with Chief of Staff

Trump Admin says no problems with Kelly as Chief of Staff Click Here for Details

Lying Catholic?

Key adviser to the Pope says Marx and Communism had no responsibility in the millions dead by actions of Communist followers Click Here for Story

CNN: Lying Schills for Iran

Anchor Chris Cuomo spouts wrong information in arguing with PM Netanyahu? Click Here for Story

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