Wednesday May 30. 2018

China Tariffs

Trump Admin moves forward Click Here for Story

Michigan Dems Don’t Like Current Policies, Make Up Facts About What Came Before

 Michigan’s “Lost Decade” is a term that was coined to define the state’s economic turmoil that lasted from 1999 to 2009. One Democrat thinks it’s just as bad now. … more

Right Hand Man Heads to US?

Kim Jong Un’s right-hand man heads to US to prepare for Trump-Kim summit Kim Jong Un’s trusted adviser heads to US to facilitate summit meeting Click Here for Story

Right to Life Win?

SCOTUS rejects case against Arkansas anti-abortion law Click Here for Details

What the Media Won’t Tell You

Trump agenda is getting done despite the media saying otherwise Click Here for Story

You Are NOT Entitled to Political Protests at Work

Former NFL player weighs in on NFL protests Click Here for Details

UN Stupidity

Syria now heads the Global Disarmament group Click Here for Story

British Judge Violating Free Speech

Orders ban on journalists from reporting on Tommy Robinson arrest Click Here for Details

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