Wednesday October 1, 2014

Breaking:Ebola Hits Texas

Its here …Click Here for Story

Washtenaw Road Tax

Hearing to be held Wednesday Click Here for Details

Education Funding is Actually Up

    Democrats and Gove candidate Mark Schauer using false claims in election?  Click Here for Story

Secret Service Under Fire

   Multiple failures in White House security lead to hearings Click Here for Details

White House Tries to Stifle Press

(Source: Twitter)     White House aides tell reporters not to talk to attendees of Michelle Obama event Click Here for Story

No More Sports Blackouts?

FCC rules against Sports Teams blacking out games from television Click Here for Details and Video

Why the Lie on White House Intruder?

Massive failure is one thing but putting out misleading information is another story Click Here for Story

Ron Paul Supports US Secessionists?

   Former Presidential candidate thinks its inevitable Click Here for Details

Lack of Understanding on Who Pays

Obama says expanded Medicaid won’t cost you a dime? Click Here for Story

Obama Was Warned About ISIS in 2013

Congressman Mike Rogers says info was given about ISIS problem Click Here for Details


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