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Tim Walberg US Congress

202-225-6276  or  517-780-9075

Debbie Stabenow US Senate

Phone: (231) 929-1031

Message to Conservatives  by Jimmy Schiel

Precinct Delegate’s We are more than Show

When you decide to put your name on the ballot in the August primary you are taking on a very real responsibility, you are the representative of your party for your precinct.  Your vote jumps from 1 to 1000 that is massive.  I know it takes a motivated person to do what we do, you have to talk to your fellow citizens, show up at boring conventions, go to parades in the boiling hot sun, and a host of other things.  If you want to see a real change in our leadership in both the party as well as Lansing it’s a must.  My Wife and I very much enjoy what we are doing, her and I have brought a very different point of view to the table.  You can do the same thing and it’s very worth it.

At the last Michigan State Convention working hand in hand with Campaign for Liberty, Tea Party, and former Libertarians a message was hammered home to the big boys.  34% of the delegates voted against Brian Calley, still a loss but was it?  Gov. Snyder begged us for unity kissed up to us for our votes.  He knows who we represent, he knows he can’t win without us.  Many Calley supporters understood our stand so inroads were made there as well.  This was a victory be it small but a victory none the less.

There will be another convention early next year this time we will be asked to choose our leadership for the State GOP.  I can;t stress the importance of this task.  The GOP chair not only sucks up for donations, but they also set an agenda as to the direction of the party.  The big boys will always raise money as their donors will always be there.  Where we get it done is in our county and we need a chair that understands that.  Many of want to see a new comer at the helm, we have tiered of the establishment hacks that refuse to point out the wrong policies of our leadership in the past just for future favor.  This needs to be our goal if we wish to make a change.


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Control Your Legislators, Lock in Your Government Contacts Emails and Phone Numbers

You can do your part to keep government under control stay in touch with your legislators and their staff. Let your opinions be known on a regular basis. Above is links  to your local legislators and their contact info. Use them!



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