Thursday October 23, 2014

Time to End a  Dynasty?

         Working man and Union Republican running against 81 years long political dynasty Click Here for Story

Drama on the Brighton School Board?

Some members just don’t seem to get along Click Here for Details

Michigan Senate Votes to Remove Sunset Provision Ending Hollywood Subsidies

Bill also removes cap on high-paid actors; now moves to the House

The Michigan Senate voted 32-4 to extend the state’s film subsidy program beyond its 2017 sunset and eliminate a cap on what taxpayers will pay for out-of-state workers. … more

Group Seeks to Put Term Limits on Grand Rapids Mayor, City Commissioner

A video report

Rina Baker and Bonnie Burke are long-time Grand Rapids residents unhappy that the same old policies and politics seem to dominate their city government. … more

MichiganVotes Weekly Report

Key votes from 2013-14

While the Legislature is on a campaign season break from voting, the Roll Call Report continues a series reviewing key votes of the 2013-2014 session. … more

Not So Transparent Heisenberg?

Photo - Under White House policy, reporters are often allowed to view the president's introductory remarks but are forced to leave the room once he takes questions from donors. White House press secretary Josh Earnest attempted to explain this policy to reporters. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)   White House flubs attempt to explain why reporters barred from donor meetings Click Here for Details

2nd Day of Islamic Terror Killings in Canada

One day after Canadian soldier killed by Muslim with a car a second soldier is shot in attack in Ottawa Click Here for Details

Info Leaking Out on Islamic Killer?

View image on Twitter  Killed by authorities Click Here for Story

 Voter Fraud Rampant

   Illegals on voter rolls and Democrats making excuses Click Here for Details

 The Chicago Way

GOP votes being marked as Dem in Illinois Click Here for Story

Ferguson Autopsy

  Facts show cop was fighting for his life? Click Here for Details

Sideways launch of the USS Detroit

For Story Click Here or play Video

The Obama Economy

ground beef  Ground Beef sets another new record high…again Click Here for Story

 Election Fraud is OK?

   SO says the NAACP? Click Here for Details

We Can’t Ignore Our Northern Border

   Killings in Canada show terrorists are already here Click Here for Story



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