Sunday February 10, 2013

U of M Expansion

Is this killing Ann Arbor’s tax base? Click Here for Story 

Dr. Carson for President?

Neurosurgeon seems to have the stuff Click Here for Details

Registration and Confiscation?

A warning from Canada that registration will lead to confiscation Click Here for Details

Irwin Wants to Decriminalize Marijuana

House Rep Jeff Irwin wants decriminalizing legislation Click Here for Details

Pond Hockey and Chilly Dip!

Catch hockey action all day and Polar swimming today at 2 pm  in Whitmore Lake    Click Here for More Details

Medicaid Expansion: Beware of Obamacare ‘Gifts’

If it sounds too good to be true …

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

If Michigan expands the program, the feds will pick up 100 percent of the cost for the first three years, and then gradually reduce this until the state is on the hook for 10 percent starting in 2020. The state would also be able to offload some spending now covered by Michigan taxpayers onto federal taxpayers. Click Here for More

Concealed Weapons Holders Fight Back

Detroit thugs get taste of their own medicine this week Click Here for Details

School Choice Benefits Students

By Audrey Spalding Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Recent education reform has laid the groundwork for a public education system that allows a wide variety of choice. The remaining work to be done is to open that system to all students. … Click Here for More


Saturday February 9, 2013

Something in Common?


Republican Congressman Peter King supports President Obama’s Drone Policy Click Here for Story


Hypocrisy in Arms Control

Iran can be allowed nukes but we must get rid of ours? Click Here for Story

Obama Agenda Aims to Give House Back to Dems


Pelosi to be in charge again if Obama gets his way Click Here for Details


Obama’s Treasury Pic is a 1% with Cayman Island Account?

Jack Lew may have to explain his questionable overseas accounts Click Here for Details

From the Medical File

Strange disease strikes young women and no longer so rare Click Here for Story




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