Sunday March 24, 2013

County Road Tax?

Washtenaw may mull it over Click Here for Story

Sweet Sixteen

U of M and MSU make it to final 16 of March Madness Click Here for Details

Bill Would Help Stop ‘National Effort’ Mandating Paid Work Leave

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Owens said if paid extended family leave laws were enacted, businesses would cut hours and/or raise prices. “The citizens bear the brunt of that,” he said. … more

Saying NO to the Colorado Governor

Colorado Sheriffs say they won’t enforce new state gun laws Click Here for Details

Bloomberg Will Make Own Push for Gun Control

Do as I say Billionaire Mayor will start own advertising campaign aimed at reducing your gun rights Click Here for Story

Even Some Dem Senators Said No to Senate Budget

Too much taxes and not enough spending cuts Click Here for Details

Obama Gives Millions to Palestinian Authority

$500 million of your tax dollars Click Here for Story

Fake Crime Victims?

Illegals get aid by being false victims Click Here for Details

Yep Must be Global Warming

UK faces natural gas shortage as deep freeze causes residents to turn up heat Click Here for Story

Gang of Two?

Russia and China cozy up and warn the west not to meddle in Syria? Click Here for Details

How Does Race Figure in Gun Deaths?

The difference between black and white is startling Click Here for Details

 Thousands of Government Job Openings

Sequester isn’t stopping the government from hiring Click Here for Story

Obama’s New Apology Tour

He wants Israel to apologize? Click Here for Details


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