Thursday April 11, 2013

Michigan Senate Wants Universities to Skirt Right to Work?

RINO Michigan Senator Roger Kahn is ok with universities bypassing the Right to Work Law Click Here for Details

Great Myths About Great Start

By Michael Van Beek | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Spending more money on state-run preschool through Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program is widely regarded as a wise “investment.” Advocates range from Gov. Rick Snyder to the government labor union that wanted him recalled. Unfortunately, preschool’s payoff isn’t nearly as predestined as proponents make it out to be, and a close review of the evidence suggests Great Start’s value to taxpayers is dubious. … more

At Least 54 School Districts Have Contracts Dodging Michigan’s Right-to-Work Law

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Mark it as 54, and still counting. That’s how many school districts are known to have linked contracts that dodge the new right-to-work law. … more

More Taxes From Obama

Budget is more of the same over spending Click Here for Details

Dingell Wants Wife to Run for Senate?

Congressman John Dingell says his wife is thinking about it Click Here for Story

N. Korean Missile Launch?

US , South Korea and Japan brace for NOKO’s missile launch Click Here for Details

Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned…

Obama dances while the US sinks in debt Click Here for Story

IRS Will Read Your Emails Without Warrant?

What rights do you have with the Internal Revenue Service? Click Here for Details

Carry Permits Surge

Applications for gun permits growing by leaps and bounds as Feds look for more laws Click Here for Story

Cashing in on State Benefits

State employees get thousands of dollars in unused sick and vacation time Click Here for Details




From the Science Side

Strange structure found in the Sea of Galilee Click Here for Story





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