Thursday November 29, 2012

The New Normal?

High usage of relief services is the new norm and economy Click Here for Story

Who Will Win?

Powerball hits all time high as people buy their tickets Click Here for Details

End Defined Contribution

State pensions need to be transformed to defined contribution Click Here for Story

More Bad Journalism?

Media playing loose with the facts Click Here for Details

Dissolve Detroit?

State Senator says maybe? Click Here for Details

GOP Looking to Cooperate and Compromise

Obama and the Dems? Not so much Click Here for Story

Can’t Get the Story Straight

Obama Admin keeps changing story on Benghazi Click Here for Details

How Much the Rich Really Pay

Top.1% pay more than the bottom 80% Click Here for Story

Raise Taxes, Watch Them Run

Millionaires can just move as they did in Britain Click Here for Details

Iran Speeds Up

Increases Uranium enrichment Click Here for Story


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