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POTUS Tours Kenosha

PHOTO: President Donald Trump tours an area affected by civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Sept. 1, 2020.

President Trump visits Kenosha Wisconsin after latest riots Click Here for Details

Targeting Police

FBI warns Chicago cops that gangs may be targeting officers Click Here for Story

Dirty Michigan Politics

Gretchen Whitmer aide and Mayor DUggan’s son involved in steering contracts now works for Joe Biden campaign? Click Here for Story

Backed By Police Unions in 2018, Whitmer Silent On Police Union Reforms

Police collective bargaining contracts implicated in departments’ failure to dismiss bad actors

Believe Your Own Eyes

Video of Democrats calling for riots and unrest Click Here for Story

New Study Shows 21st Century Jobs Fund a Bust

These programs should be repealed and their administrative agencies shut downRead more

Jet Pack Guy Buzzes LAX?

Jetliner pilots report person with Jet pack in airport airspace Click Here for Story

Face Mask Mandates For Some But Not Others Among Inconsistencies In Epidemic Orders

Read more

Still Pushing Russia Hoax

(Screen Capture)

Speaker Pelosi still beating the dead horse story about Russian Trump Collusion Click Here for Story

Fake News Attacks President’s Health

NY Times reporter and liberal Drudge Report questions whether POTUS had a stroke Click Here for Details

Antifa Murderers

Man was hunted down and killed by Antifa terrorists Click Here for Story

Long Overdue

DHS and DOJ begin investigating who is directing and funding riots and violence Click Here for Story

Canceling Your Rights

Anonymous neighbors pen letter to Trump supporter displaying a Trump sign Click Here for Details

Election Steal Publicly Announced?

democratic presidential candidate joe biden

Trump may win election night but Democrats will steal with fraudulent mail in ballots afterward? Click Here for Details

POTUS Convention Bounce?

President Trump got a decent jump in approval from African American voters Click Here for Story

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