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Abortion Decision Goes Back to the States

Supreme Court will hear Mississippi abortion case challenging Roe v. Wade  on Dec. 1

SCOTUS rules abortion is not a Constitutional issue nor a Constitutional right, it should be decided by each State and the people of those States Click Here for Story


Democrats go full insurrectionist over SCOTUS decision because they don’t like it

Example 1 Mad Maxine

Example 2 Barack Calls for Protests

Example 3 Lawless Attorney General

America’s Biggest Threat?

The unstainable spending and debt load that politicians have forced on us Click Here for Story

Open Borders Are NOT a Humanitarian Endeavour

Biden’s open US border is encouraging human and drug trafficking Click Here for Story

Russia Overtakes the Saudis…

…is now China’s biggest provider of oil Click Here for Details

Arkancide and Corrupt Courts?

Why would a judge seal the records of an Epstein Clinton colleague after his “suicide” ? What re they hiding? Click Here for Details

When it comes to high gas prices, the pain is the point

The Biden administration is honest about its desire to move to green energy

The Stupidity of Hollywood Hypocrites

Actor deletes his ignorant tweet about SCOTUS after being called out Click Here for Story

America’s FBI and DOJ are Now Brownshirts of the Democrat Party

Merrick Garland and Chris Wray have turned their agencies into politcal enforcement arms to be used against conservatives and enemies of the Democrat Party Click Here for Details

The LEAST Trusted Media in the WORLD!

American mainstream media is just propaganda for the liberal elites and the Democrat party and everyone knows it Click Here for Story

No Time to Waste

Sarah Palin says the GOP needs to stand up against Democrats now and now wait until the election Click Here for Details


Google’s AI program wants an attorney? Click Here for Story

WHERE is All This Ukraine Money Going?

Biden Admin ready to dish out another $450 million? Click Here for Details

East Coast Communists

Have we already lost Boston to the enemies of America? Click Here for Story

Yes, Its Joe’s Fault

Skyrocketing fuel costs are Joe Biden and the Democrat’s fault and they told you while campaigning they would do what they are now doing Click Here for Story

Mannequin In the White House


Biden is so mentally incapacitated that his handler giver him step by step notes for public appearances Click Here for Details

Arguing the Abortion Debate

Its pretty clear that the arguments of the left don’t hold water Click Here for Story

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