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What the Trump Admin Really Inherited

larry kudlow in a suit and red tie speaking at cpac

Obama Admin legacy was one of a terrible economic crisis? Click Here for Story

Bannon Charged

Steve Bannon and others charged with fraud Click Here for Story

Barack’s Hypocrisy

Watching Barack Obama its clear he’s projecting his own failures Click Here for Story

Michigan Unemployment Numbers Plummet As $600 Federal Bonus Ends

Fact Checking Michelle

Former First Lady spews a lot of Pinocchios Click Here for Story

Strike! Detroit Teachers Union Demands Teachers Stay At Home 

Children may not return to school until number of cases ‘falls to nearly zero’Read more

Another Putin Victim ?

Navalny is known for his anti-corruption campaigns against top officials and outspoken criticism of President Vladimir Putin

Political opponent of Putin gets poisoned Click Here for Details


(Screen Capture)

Speaker Pelosi accuses Republicans of what the Democrats are actually doing Click Here for Story

Mail In Voting Fraud

Possibly 96 million unverified ballots? Click Here for Details

Democrats Putting Illegals First

Day 3 of the convention shows Democrats don’t make Americans their priority Click Here for Story

Update on the Beirut Blast

More evidence pointing toward Hezbollah connection Click Here for Story

Enough of the Stupidity

The Post Office Conspiracy Is First Class Stupidity

The Post Office hoax is just another diversion by Democrats Click Here for Details

The Truth About the Democrat Convention

Pastor Mark Burns slams the Democrat agenda Click Here for Story

Voter Fraud IS Real

voting booth

12% of Virginia voters are registered illegally? Click Here for Details

What Democrats Aren’t Showing You

China Covid Cure?

Does China already have a vaccine for Covid? Click Here for Details

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