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Gunning for the 2nd Amendment

New York Attorney General moves to dissolve the NRA Click Here for Story

Biden Shows His Racism Yet Again

Its getting clearer that Joe Biden is either racist or has dementia issues Click Here for Story

Oh My They’re Back

cartoon dog and cat

Iconic cult cartoon making a comeback? Click Here for Story

Governor’s High Threshold Suggests Reopening Will Be A Long Time Coming

No end in sight for Michigan lockdowns under this standard

It Can’t Be Hidden?

Americans are seeing through the cover up of Joe Biden issues Click Here for Story

Whitmer Blasts Federal Epidemic Strategy, Vague About Her Own

Health director, ‘there are many things that we’re looking at’

NRA Will Fire Back at New York AG

NRA's LaPierre responds to NY lawsuit: 'Bring it on'

Claim has no merit Click Here for Story

Teachers Union: Vast Majority Of Students Should Stay Home In Detroit Until Pandemic Is Over

They would cancel in-school classes for coming school year, and maybe next year too


Michelle Obama goes full mental as she looks for a VP slot? Click Here for Details

The Best Hope We Have

Trump really is the last hope to save America from becoming a 3rd world country Click Here for Story

Debate Fear?

The left is scared of Joe Biden debating Trump ? Click Here for Story

New York AG Abusing Her Office?

Letitia James has a history of using her office for political games ? Click Here for Story

A Decision They’ll Regret

Seattle Is a Young City With a Long History of Protests ...

Seattle City Council votes to layoff 100 police officers Click Here for Story

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