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The Democrat Agenda

Call America racist in order to win an election? Click Here for Details

Bias Training in Michigan?

Michigan will force bias training for medical workers Click Here for Details

Lansing Council Member Proposes Cutting Police Budget In Half

Department’s officers responded to 84,313 calls in 2019

Its the Left That Should be Panicking?

Trump has 91% chance of re-election? Click Here for Details

Will Your Kids Return To School In Fall? One-Third of Parents Unsure

Survey indicates support for reopening schools rises with family income

SCOTUS Mixed Decision

NY prosecutors can get Trump records Congress cannot? Click Here for Story

Acts Of ‘Social And Domestic Anarchy’ Could Get 20 Years Under This Bill

May riots caused losses of $2.4 million in sponsor’s district

Avoiding Arkancide?

Feds worry about Ghislane Maxwell committing suicide Click Here for Details

Democrats Want to Stop Educating Children?

Beto says we can’t send kids back to school Click Here for Story

The End of Whites in South Africa?

White people in South Africa may not last much longer? Click Here for Details

Democrats Want Americans to Pay

Reparations is on the Democrat wish list Click Here for Story

You Must Vote Conservative

The 2020 election is about the survival of America Click Here for Details

The Culture War is Real

Your values and lifestyle are under attack and you better fight back Click Here for Story

Hiding Joe

The left doesn’t want to expose Joe Biden’s issues to the public Click Here for Details

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