Conservative News Aggregate Monday July 6, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Yes, Protests Contributed to Covid Spike

To say otherwise ignores science Click Here for Details

From A 1776 Philadelphia Hall To A 2020 Michigan Courtroom, This Tussle Goes On

Not just a textbook subject, separation of powers matters to these real Michigan lives and livelihoods

Kaepernick Hypocrisy

Activist loved July 4th under Obama but bashes it now Click Here for Story

Obama Admin Part 3

Biden could choose Susan Rice for VP? Click Here for Details

Protests or Threats?

Armed militants in Georgia Click Here for Story

Biden Will Let Males Used Women’s Locker Rooms?

Biden agenda goes even farther left Click Here for Details

More BLM Violence

Columbus Statue destroyed in Baltimore Maryland Click Here for Story

Truth vs Lies

The Left looks to end history and the truth Click Here for Details

Collateral Deaths

dr. oz poses for a photo

Pandemic fear mongering killed many besides actual Covid victims Click Here for Story

Herd Immunity Near?

What the MSM won’t tell you Click Here for Details

Non-Lethal Doesn’t Work Out

Tulsa Police Sergeant Killed When Nonlethal Force Returned with Gunfire

Officer killed after using non-lethal response Click Here for Details

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