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Ignoring the Problem

Law enforcement officers stand in a cloud of tear gas in Portland, Oregon on July 26, 2020, as sometimes violent protests continue across the United States. (Photo by ANKUR DHOLAKIA/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden ignores the problems of China and violent riots in acceptance speech Click Here for Story

Classless or Clueless?

Democrat Senator drops F bombs during Postal hearing Click Here for Details

Expect Michigan Schoolchildren To Have One Interaction With Teachers Most Months

No in-person meetings required; four emails would qualify in two other months Read more

From the Science Side…


Scientists grow first mini human heart? Click Here for Story

More Trouble for Goodyear

Company falls deeper in hole over being anti police Click Here for Story

Hospital Bed Occupancy Rate Below Pre-Coronavirus Levels

Read more

Being Gaffeless Brings Praise?

Biden gets through his short acceptance speech without a foul up Click Here for Details

What We Are All Thinking

Van Jones says what most of America is thinking about Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Democrat Distortion

Rewriting history and flat out lying is the Democrat agenda Click Here for Story

Bannon Pleads Not Guilty

Steve Bannon pleads not guilty to fraud charges Click Here for Story


Democrats remove God from Pledge of Allegiance Click Here for Details

Creepy Kamala

What comes out of Kamala Harris’ mouth is sometimes disturbing Click Here for Story

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