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Liberal Violence

Organized rioters attack convention attendees in DC Click Here for Story

Perpetual State Of Emergency? Michigan One Of 15 States That Don’t Rule It Out

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Incited His Own Death?

The first gunshot victim in Kenosha used the n-word in confronting those protecting businesses Click Here for Story and Video

Cancel ‘The Narrative’: Schools Serving Michigan’s Poor Among State’s Highest Funded, Not Least

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Over Played Their Hand

Democrats now worried their support of violent rioting is hurting their poll numbers Click Here for Details

Kenosha Shooter Charged

Kyle Rittenhouse gets 6 charges but gets big defense attorneys Click Here for Story

Hollywood Hate

Hollywood is stepping on the necks of black communities? Click Here for Story

The Best Poker Face Ever

DC Cop has the last laugh against irritating protester Click Here for Story and Video

Biden the War Monger

Joe Biden’s track records shows constant support for constant war Click Here for Details

The Truth About Democrats

Don't Forget, Democrats Encouraged and Endorsed the Violent Mob

Americans are realizing that Democrats don’t stand for law and order Click Here for Details

About Face

Now Biden wants to support Police? Click Here for Story

Kamala Flip Flopping?

Walking back the mask mandate? Click Here for Story

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