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Biden Will Hurt Pennsylvania Jobs

Joe Biden’s climate scam policy will hurt the energy industry including Pennsylvania Click Here for Story

Out of the Past

Michigan shipwreck emerges from Lake Michigan Click Here for Story

While Searching For Your Old Girlfriend, You Can Find ‘Analysis’ Of Whitmer’s Epidemic Response

She gets an ‘A’ from unidentified author Read more

What World Does He Live In?

DeBlasio says New York safer by releasing inmates? Click Here for Details

More Coronavirus Commands, More Confusion

‘Where does it end?’

Finally A Crack Down

Feds nabbing rioters in Portland Click Here for Details

Dumb and Dumber

Biden looking at Elizabeth Warren for VP? Click Here for Story

Ready to Vote

Most Trump Supporters Can't Wait to Vote for Him

Trump voters are ready to get to the ballot box Click Here for Details

China Owes US?

$1.7 Trillion? Click Here for Story

Listen to This Officer

Portland Officer Jackson

Portland Police officer hits the Antifa and BLM straight up Click Here for Details

Government Out of Control

City official cancels meeting because masks aren’t worn? Click Here for Details

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