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Fourth Of July

Be thankful you live in America

Blocking Rushmore

Liberals, Antifa and Democrats block road to Mount Rushmore Click Here for Details


NFL looks to further divide America by playing “The Black National Anthem” Click Here for Story

State Gave Electric Vehicle Company $1.72M in 2015, Now Moving Jobs To California

And…POTUS Right Again

New Henry Ford peer reviewed study says HydroxyChloroquine works Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Decision Protects Voting?

Blocks order that would have made voting fraud easier Click Here for Details

Can They Keep Ghislane Protected?

Ghislaine Maxwell

Powerful people will be scared and desperate as FBI arrests Ghislane Maxwell Click Here for Details

Trump Economy Firing Up for Hispanics

Hisoanic unemployment rate dropping again Click Here for Details

Democrat Corruption

Democrat prosecutors failed to protect girls from Epstein and Weinstein Click Here for Details

Jews Hating Jews?

Liberal Jews side with anti-semitic BLM against the Jewish community Click Here for Story

Stop the Forced Masking?

Best argument for stopping the forced masking issue Click Here for Story

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