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Majority Want Order

80% of Americans want to restore order after riots Click Here for Story

Jeep Recall

95,000 Cherokees will get a recall notice Click Here for Details

Media Anecdotes Galore, But Little Data On Frontline Workers Catching COVID-19

Walmart silent since early April; big New York grocer reports 0.5% rate

Time to Stop the Destruction


Our very culture and history are at stake Click Here for Story

Whitmer Extends Emergency Even As Hospital Occupancy Rates Back To Normal

The rate was 66% on June 15, same figure as 1990 and 2010

Treasonous Bolton

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and then-National Security Advisor John Bolton at the White House in October 2018.  (Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images)

Secretary Pompeo mixes no words over John Bolton Click Here for Details

Whitmer: Attempt To Strip Emergency Powers ‘Irresponsible, Dangerous, And Foolish’

Extends her extraordinary powers until end of July or longer

Hiding Biden

Joe Biden is hiding his weaknesses by staying home and relying on the media to cover for him Click Here for Details

MSM Pushing Biased Polling Again

Just like 2016 MSM polls show Democrat Biden with big lead Click Here for Story

Real Election Interference

Big tech will try to shape the election for Democrats? Click Here for Story

No Civil War?

But the problem in America is very serious Click Here for Details

Cruz Speaks Out on SCOTUS Decision

Ted Cruz Sounds Off on SCOTUS's 'Clever Little Twist' in DACA Decision

Is the Supreme Court not following the Constitution ? Click Here for Details

Poll Shows Some Common Sense Remains?

Americans oppose reparations and renaming bases Click Here for Details

Liberals Seek to Infect Trump Supporters

Ad in Tulsa for infected people to attend the Trump Rally Click Here for Story

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