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Its About Time

Durham Questioned Brennan for 8 Hours. Here's What We Know.

Durham gets around to interviewing John Brennan Click Here for Story

House Passes Postal Bill

But will it go anywhere Click Here for Story

Intolerant Ann Arbor

An Ann Arbor police vehicle passes by a "Resist Jewish Power" sign on display at a protest during Hanukkah outside the Beth Israel Congregation in Ann Arbor on Dec. 28, 2019.

Ann Arbor Michigan is becoming an anti-Semite haven? Click Here for Story

A Myth Too Politically Useful Not To Repeat: Schools In Poor Michigan Cities Get Less

Two politicians at Whitmer press conference keep it goingRead more

What You Can Expect from Democrats

Biden supporters steal hat from 7 year old boy Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Jobless Will Get An Extra $300 Per Week In Federal Unemployment Benefits

Extra amount authorized under Trump executive order Read more

The Big Six

How These 6 Swing States handle mail in voting Click Here for Details

Threatening Nature

Giant Chinese fishing fleet threatens Galapagos Islands Click Here for Story

Democrats Support “Systemic Racism”?

Public education system and teachers unions are a problem Click Here for Details

The DNC Clinton Problem

Rose McGowan hits the Democrats and Clintons hard Click Here for Story

Biden’s Promise?

He is willing to shut the country down again no matter the cost Click Here for Story

Rules for Thee But Not for Me

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot wants her home protected by police but no one elses? Click Here for Story

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