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Biden Will Be a Puppet

Why this moment is perfectly suited to Joe Biden's bid for president.

The radical left will control Joe Biden for the limited time he is President Click Here for Story

Doubling Down on Violence

Portland Mayor says no to Trump offer of help Click Here for Story

Stick with Capitalism

VP Pence says Trump is the right choice to lead us out of Covid induced recession Click Here for Story

Idiot Liberal

Former Crain’s Detroit Business Publisher Calls Rand Paul ‘Bed-Wetting Snowflake’

More Threats for Violent Activists

Kenosha rally (Stephen Maturen / AFP / Getty)

Threats to kill from extremists is now common Click Here for Details

Hasn’t Opened Yet, And Traverse City’s Government Broadband Needs Surprise Loan

Private sector competition is ‘not going to just roll over’Read more

Another Possible WalkAway?

Tennessee Democrat tells his party it is violence not peaceful protests Click Here for Details

Anti Corona Riots


Germans fed up with government response Click Here for Story

Portland Riots Worsen

1 dead as rioters and activists clash Click Here for Details

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