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Miami Will Close Beach Again

July 4th holiday will see closed beaches due to spike in Corona numbers Click Here for Details

Exactly What Dems Are Trying

Closing states for a 2nd time is what Democrats want in order to win election Click Here for Details

The Media Wants Conservatives to Despair

Polls and media coverage are designed to make Trump supporters feel the cause is hopeless…its not Click Here for Details´╗┐

Michigan Columnist Challenges Trump To Increase School Spending; Federal Funding Most Ever 

Fiscal Agency records go back to 2000

Minneapolis Hypocrisy

Minneapolis City Council moves to cancel police but hires security team for themselves? Click Here for Story

Officials Saw Struggle Coming To Process Epidemic Unemployment Claims

There are 11,824 people still waiting months after filing

Disgracing the Duke

California Democrats want to change name of John Wayne Airport Click Here for Story

Mystery Nuke Testing?

Nuclear particles being discovered in the Baltic Click Here for Details

Boys Should Not be Competing Against Girls

Transgenderism is unfair in school athletics Click Here for Details

Punish the Rioters

Vandalsim and destruction should not go unpunished Click Here for Story

The Racist Party

Its not Republicans that are racist Click Here for Details

Good Cops

Watch police officers unravel the racism that Black Lives Matter Activists are spewing Click Here for Story and Video

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